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Commissioning a Portrait

Janci meets with the person who is commissioning a painting to discuss the client’s expectations. After deciding on the formal or casual nature of the painting, Janci helps choose appropriate clothing and a matching setting in which the subject will be photographed.


“Painting from three to six photographs, I pay close attention to expression, personality, lighting, and skin tone. A finished portrait takes from one to two months to complete and in some areas contains up to four layers of paint. The most exciting moment is when the painting looks back at you, as if canvas and oil have come to life”


Please contact me for an appointment to discuss commissioning a portrait and to view my portfolio. Prices range from $1,000 to $10,000.

“Janci really captured my daughter’s spirit in her portrait. It is so much more vivid than photographs. I will always be able to look at the portrait and be transported back to this time in my daughter’s life!”


Laura Eskildsen



“People come over to my house and love the portrait of Andrew and Natalie. Later when they meet my children, they say, “I feel like I’ve already met them; the portrait looks exactly like them!”


Pam Fulton



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“I’m so happy that Janci was able to capture our daughter, at four years of age. I’m amazed at how an oil portrait has more depth than a photograph. I smile every time I look at Taylor’s portrait"


Peggy Anderson




“The portraits of our daughters have really captured their spirits. I grow more attached to the portraits every day—they are very precious to me.”


Mary Covin






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